Our Services

While specializing in PICC insertion, we also offer a full array of vascular access services, including traditional IV service as well as maintenance and removal of existing lines. We are also expanding our offering to include placement of Aquapheresis Catheters.

Skilled Specialists

Trained in the latest techniques of PICC line placement, our team works closely with facility management and staff to ensure customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on providing industry-leading services.

We will provide timely bedside services in your facility 24/7 including weekends and holidays.

Bedside Line Placement

  • Power PICC Catheters (single, double, triple lumens)
  • Solo Power PICC Catheters
  • PowerGlide Midline Catheters
  • Peripheral IV with Ultrasound Guidance
  • Traditional Peripheral IV’s

Additional Services

  • Central Line Removal
  • Central Line De-clotting
  • Guide-wire Exchange
  • Dressing Changes
  • Care and Maintenance Packages
  • Staff and Patient Education Services

About PICC

A PICC or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter is a mid-term to long-term vascular access Catheter placed in the veins of the upper extremity and threaded into the superior vena cava. A PICC can be inserted by a nurse at bedside with Ultrasound rather than in a surgical setting.

Common Applications for PICCs are:

  • Patients with poor intravenous access
  • Mid to long-term therapy up to one year
  • Use of irritating or caustic intravenous medications
  • Chemotherapy
  • Long-term medication therapy including antibiotics
  • Blood draws

Patient Benefits

  • Patients can be discharged to home health care, reducing hospitalization
  • Need for multiple intravenous sticks during hospitalization is reduced.


We are a family owned and operated company based in Waverly, NE specializing in placement of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC Line) and intravenous access. We contract with hospitals, clinics, longterm care facilities, and Home Health agencies to provide, PICC or Midline placement, intravenous access, Aquapheresis Catheter placement, care & maintenance of vascular lines, staff and patient education. We also consult with facilities for quality improvement.

The Nebraska PICC Team currently consists of founder Susan Swierczek and a team of Independent Nurse Contractors. We actively pursue continuing education and strive to stay on the leading edge of our industry.

Susan Swierczek (Owner – RN, CRNI, VA-BC)

Susan has been a nurse for 28 years with experience in Med Surg, Telemetry, Peritoneal Dialysis Educator for 11 years, and Vascular Access RN on a PICC team. Susan has been a PICC nurse since 2003 and worked on a PICC team that serviced two large hospitals in Lincoln, NE. While in this position, ultrasound guided PICC placement was introduced and Susan was one of the first to learn this new technology in Nebraska. In 2005, Susan had a vision of sharing her expertise with other medical facilities to provide safe and experienced vascular access, as well as care and maintenance. Nebraska PICC Specialists was formed in 2006 and was the first outsourcing PICC service in Nebraska. Susan has worked as a preceptor for Bard Access Systems and is a Cathflo nurse educator for Genentech. In 2010, Susan obtained her (CRNI) Certified Registered Nurse Infusionist through the Infusion Nurses Society, as well as her board certification in vascular access (VA-BC) through the Association of Vascular Access. The VA-BC certification was offered for the first time in December of 2010 and Susan was one of four nurses in Nebraska to sit for the exam. In 2018, Susan graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Our Story

In 2003, Susan Swierczek was the first at a large trauma facility to be trained in Ultrasound Assisted PICC Insertion. After working on the PICC team for several year, Susan wished that smaller medical centers had the ability to offer PICC lines to their patients. Because of geography and the cost of maintaining an access team, the technology was out of the reach of many smaller facilities.

In 2006, Susan formed Nebraska’s first outsourced vascular access provider, Nebraska PICC Specialists. We offer cutting edge vascular access services to smaller medical centers and clinics in Nebraska. For over five years we have been providing exceptional patient care and great service to our contracted facilities.

The Nebraska PICC Team currently consists of founder Susan and a team of Independent Nurse Contractors. We actively pursue continuing education and strive to stay on the leading edge of our industry.

Vision Statement

To achieve the highest level of exceptional patient and facility satisfaction in the vascular access setting with an emphasis on patient safety, quality assurance, compassion and integrity.


The mission of NE PICC Specialists is to continue to be a leader and resource for the healthcare community related to vascular access placement. We are dedicated to providing clinical expertise and experience to our customers with an emphasis on supporting best practice guidelines. We will continue to collaborate closely with our facilities and Radiologists, while working as a team to provide the best vascular access placement and patient outcomes.

First in Nebraska, First in Service

We specialize in Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC Line) placement.

In addition, we provide a variety of vascular access services including placement of Peripheral IVs, Midline and Aquapheresis Catheters, care and maintenance programs, staff and patient education, and facility consultations.

Please allow us an opportunity to exceed your expectations!

From our clients and partners:

“Susan started working with me at a local long-term acute care facility 2 years ago. At that time we were seeing 12-15 PICC line infections a month. With her guidance and expertise we are proud to now say that we have had only 1 PICC line infection in the last 15 weeks!”

– Infection Control Specialist

“Just wanted you to know how thankful we are for your group’s outstanding talents and service to our facility and our patients! We have the utmost confidence in your expertise and appreciate all you do! What a wonderful service to provide to this area! We are blessed to have you!”

– Jane Doe

“Your PICC nurses are always so kind and patient. Keep up the good work!”

– Nurse Manager

“I had a bad experience with a recent PICC placement and I was sure I was going to have a MD place it again. Thank you for talking me through the whole process and making me so comfortable. It was done even before I knew you started.”

– Patient

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